Search Engine Optimization

Positioning your website in the right place at the right time for those looking for your products and services is critical to your business success.  We work hard to ensure that your website has the right keywords, structure, metadata, content, titles, and speed to rank well. 

With our proprietary data and intelligence tools, we know what buyers are typing in to find your products and services. This also includes voice search. We know the search terms the customer is typing and speaking to find your products and services. We capitalize on these search terms to bring a constant flow of customers.

Online Marketing

Our Winning Solution

Google is the Yellow Pages of Today

We will work on each web page to ensure that each of the above are structured appropriately to give each page the best opportunity to rank well for many keywords, etc.

Algorithm Changes: As search engines update their algorithms, we are here and ready to make any necessary changes to meet the requirements that Google & Yahoo/Bing would like to see updated to keep your website from any issues on the search engines.

Yellow Pages

Link Building

Google’s Algorithm uses an important metric where they view the amount and quality of links that are pointing to your website from other websites/blogs/journals.

  • Link building is critical to ranking well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We will create a strategy to work with our vast number of top publishing partners to build and establish links back to your website that elevate your website ranking. We know how to find the correct ones that benefit your business. This is a natural and manual process that allow us to build high quality links back to your website.
  • We remove spam links that are potentially hurting your website rankings. We will constantly review your link profile and block them through Google.
  • We are constantly monitoring your link profile and building new links. Link building is a very important piece to creating long-term success for your website ranking and the amount of new customers that will be calling your business.

Keyword Research & Keyword List

  • Our intelligence data enables us to know what people are typing in each day, week, and month. In working with you, we will develop a list of keywords that are most beneficial to the ranking of your website. Keywords with the highest search volume, keywords that bring you customers, and keywords that are most relevant to your products/services.
  • We also develop keyword strategies for each town and city that your business services to bring you even more business.
  • We study your competition for the keywords they are using as well.
  • Our keyword strategies will make your phone ring with customers that are looking to discuss your products and services.

Content Creation

We will monitor Google algorithm changes to see if new content needs to be added to your website or new keywords that will enable us to continue to reach our SEO goals for your business.

Keyword Research
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